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A warm, yet eye-catching grey, Pebble is a great stand alone colour, but also works well with other warm tones.  Pebble is a perfect neutral gray tone.

A perfect furniture paint for DIY projects.


Fusion Mineral Paint is stain proof and water resistant there is no need for a top coat. Similar in texture to chalk paint. Although there is no need for a top coat the funiture painter can still create the finish desired using furniture wax or glaze. Fusion Mineral Paint has assorted waxes and a 100% non-yellowing poly-acrylic top coat in a matte or gloss finish.


Furniture Prep is key for obtaining the best finish whether you are painting kitchen cabinets, painting bathroom vanities or updating a piece of furniture.


1. Clean with Fusion Mineral Paint TSP Alternative

2. Remove an wax if necessary using Fusion's Odorless Solvent

3. Lightly sand and remove dust

4. Paint using light coats of paint.  2 coats usually required. White colors may       require additional coats.





  • A damp cloth using water only is all that is recommended for cleaning the painted surface. 

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