Dresser Up Vintage Boutique & Restorations is a small business that specializes in furniture restorations, customizations, DIY supplies and expert advice. We are one of the few certified retailers in the Northern KY/Cincinnati area to offer Fusion Mineral Paint, Iron Orchid Design products, and Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. We offer in person workshops as well as virtual workshops on our YouTube channel, Dresser Up’s Wendy’s Workshop for DIY projects and product How-To’s. Our store location is in Newport, KY where we hold our workshop classes, sell vintage and vintage styled home goods along with restored furniture and customizable gifts using our laser engraver!

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My Story

The path to starting Dresser Up Vintage Boutique was definitely not straight forward.

My love for antiques and all things vintage started when I was in high school. I loved searching through the flea markets, antique stores, and garage sales.
Over the years I had my fingers in many creative endeavors. Each venture taught me something different.

For the past fifteen years I had been blessed to stay at home with my three girls and work with my husband building his business.  My two oldest girls left for college and my youngest was not to far from getting her drivers license. My husband really could manage the business without me. So I found I had a lot more time on my hands. I began to contemplate going back to work to fill up some of those extra hours and the idea of earning an income outside of my husbands business was intriguing.

I had been painting and decorating my home for years and I loved all things vintage.  An idea began to form, and after over a year of planning I approached my husband and told him my desire to start a painting/repurposing business with a vintage flair. He was skeptical, however, having always been supportive in my choices he said we would look into opening a business.  I love to tell the story, that he never specifically said "hey, let's do this".  I was waiting for him to come on board it took a few months. He has always supported me but he's very cautious. I knew he was in when I got a phone call from him on a Saturday afternoon and he said "I'm at this garage sale... and there are two cabinets I think we can repurpose".... So began Dresser Up Vintage Boutique!

                                                                          – Wendy Critcher (Owner/Paint and Restoriation Specialist)


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