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Everyone is unique so, make it yours!

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Dresser Up Vintage Boutique & Restorations is every DIY-ers best friend. We are here for the creative community as a trustworthy voice and offer quality products. Dresser Up Vintage Boutique recommends only the best to our creative customers. We offer tools used by experts!


Check out how our experts at Dresser Up Vintage Boutique & Restorations use our products in projects by following our Instagram feed. (@dresserupvintage) We also have several classes and online tutorials to give you the know-how to achieve the artisan quality of your dreams.  

Fusion_Mineral Paint_Dresser Up Vintage Boutique_Painted Furnture_DIY.jpg


003-Fusion_Mineral_Paint_Fusion_Mineral Paint_Dresser Up Vintage Boutique_Painted Furnture

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