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Should you paint your Tile Floors? You bet!

Although I have painted many kitchen cabinets, I think I gave Fusion Mineral Paint the ultimate test; an event venue's tile bathroom floor.

My husband was completely against me painting the tile at our new venue 828 The Turn, but we couldn't afford to replace the tile nor did we have the time. Enter Fusion Mineral Paint. With a built in topcoat Fusion Mineral Paint is super durable. So how do you paint your bathroom or kitchen tile? Here are the steps to follow.

Prep is the key. What's that? PREP IS THE KEY!!!

First step; and the most important: I can't say this enough. Cleaning the floor of all dirt and grease is not an area where you want to cut corners. Proper cleaning will remove any substrates that will prevent the paint from adhering properly.

I use a TSP alternative by Fusion Mineral Paint and clean the floor until the water is clean on the last pass. Sometimes it will take two or three thorough cleanings if the floor has been abused over time. Our venue was a bar before we renovated it so you can imaging the ground in dirt that was in that bathroom. (Yuck)!

The next step: Apply Fusion Mineral Paint's Ultra Grip. This is 100% pure resin and will adhere to the floor giving the surface a great base with which to apply the paint. One complete coat should be sufficient if you get all the area covered.

Third step: (this is the fun part) Apply 2 coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in the color of your choice. I went with Coal Black as I wanted to stencil the floor and give it a vintage feel. I stenciled over the Coal Black with Raw Silk. Raw Silk is a great shade of white with taupe undertones, it is my go-to white when I am painting furniture too.

The final step is to apply a top coat. I used Fusion Mineral Paint's Tough Coat in the matte finish and applied 2 coats waiting 24 hours between each application. Fusion now also offers the Tough Coat in a Gloss Finish.

Please remember the cure time is different than the dry time. Although you can walk on the floor after 24 hours because it is dry the floor is not fully cured and hardened. Picture a sponge that is wet it is soft and pliable; as the water evaporates the sponge becomes hard. This is the process of Fusion's products that are water based. Over time the as the water evaporates the painted surface becomes harder and more durable. Just treat your floor with care during the first month.

Do not use harsh chemicals to clean the floor.

Has it held up? You Betcha!

We have had over 25 events and there is not one area where I see a scratch that exposes the tile below. I had faith that it would work, but seeing the results after weddings, corporate events, and fundraisers was confirmation that Fusion Mineral Paint is a great paint line.

Happy Painting!



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