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6” x 10”  


Introducing IOD specimens, this one is all about the beetles! The IOD Sisters grew up with grandparents who were totally into academia -  think dusty stacks of books long before it was a trend. Whether it was botany or pinned insects, the academia theme brings a sense of comfort and familiarity for the sisters, and they wanted to celebrate that in this mould. The projects with this one are so fun. You can paint these castings with shimmery metallic greens and blacks for life-like realism. They are gorgeous in shadow boxes trimmed with gold bamboo from the Faux Boi Mould with natural elements from the Fronds Transfer for a botanical backdrop. 


Beetle-inspired decor has a long historical significance and fits a wide range of styles, from the dark allure of gothic and vampy aesthetics to the light-hearted charm of bohemian and eclectic interiors. Whether displayed in shadow boxes or curio cabinets or drawing inspiration from beetle motifs found on wallpapers, upholstery, and decorative objects, these elements can complement various design themes.


Plus, all beetles from the IOD moulds are 100% ethically sourced. Since they’re crafted from clay, resin, or your chosen material, you can enjoy creating with peace of mind, knowing no beetles were harmed in the making.😉


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