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Workshop Q & A


Private Workshops Dresser UP hosts DIY for Adults and Kids We help you to celebrate, learn and join us in the fun of creating.

Have an event to celebrate?  Book your private party at our location for your closest friends.

Looking for a Team Building Workshop.  Let us a plan a project specific for your group.  Happy to go to your location for this if you are set up with tables and chairs to accommodate with a minimum of 8 people. 




What types of projects do you offer?
We love to work with different mediums including wood and paint, canvas, and paper.

Where are workshops hosted?

How many people do you need to host a private workshop?

We like to have minimum 8 and maximum 16 at our location.

Do you host home parties?
Unfortunately we don’t host home parties but we love to go to business locations that can accommodate for staff workshops for Team Building or Staff Appreciation Workshops.

Are these projects something that everyone can make, even if I’m not creative?
We take you through the step by step process so that everyone is successful with their projects and proud to put their handmade décor in their home. From the non crafter to the experienced, these are projects that everyone will enjoy.

Can we bring food and beverages?
You sure can, especially when you are hosting your own private party.

How do I book a workshop project and date?
Best way to register is online on this website under the Workshop tab. 
We book months in advance and need minimum 7 days notice to prepare for your group.

How do we pay? Purchase your ticket under the event you would like to attend. Tickets are linked to each specific workshop.
We will set up a unique workshop event for your group to individually pay online through our website at

All registrations must be made no later than 5 days prior to the event.

What if I register but can't attend?
Your registration confirms that you are attending, but if there is any reason why you can't attend, you can reschedule to attend another workshop within six (6) months and use your payment towards any of our public or private party workshops.  Your credit will expire after 90 days of the event.  Seven (7) days notice must be done in writing via. email to or call us at 859-240-9426 in order to attend a future workshop.  If you fail to attend a registered workshop, without notice, you will not have an opportunity to use your registration within the 90 days.  No cash/credit will be refunded.  

Happy to discuss your projects ideas for  Baby Showers, Bridal Parties to make wedding decor, Birthdays, Mother/daughter Nights, Family Reunion, Date Night and so much more.



To learn more about booking an event or workshop call 859-240-9426



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